Enjoy a good pontoon for your boat

Having a pontoon is essential for them port that receive smaller vessels because they allow the passage from the port to the vessel, in addition to allowing the transfer of heavy cargo from the vessel to the port.

They are known as floating docks whose name comes from the Philippines, because in previous centuries the country named wooden docks or docks made of cane in this way. The difference is that nowadays, they are made of different materials.

Its main purpose is to float and enter the sea to facilitate the transfer of cargo or people from the port to the boat, being of great help at all times. Having a pontoon can be very important for sailing enthusiasts.

This is because it provides the benefits of free transit and the safety of the boat because it offers the possibility of mooring these boats to the floating dock to prevent them from being affected by the constant movement of the sea.

Another feature that has been tried to change dock is the fact that they are quite narrow and long in order to provide more space to moor a larger number of boats of a small size, whose capacity is usually smaller.

Models of all types, adaptable to the need

Each port has a different design that depends on the model of dock what is necessary, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the type of boats and the size they have to define the most suitable floating dock for that port, offering a great benefit to the navigator. Do not forget to place in your dock some good defenses to protect your boat.

protect your boat


It has different shapes including a T, an L or a long walkway.

They are mostly made of polyethylene or artificial materials in order to provide greater stability when rubbing.

They usually have a great length and accessories that allow you to protect yourself from boats.

More and more technological models are being developed.

They can be of the type mooring in dry common mooring.

They are suitable for all types of occasion and use of vehicles such as jet skis, boats with a small tonnage.

A good pontoon can be the difference between a comfortable access of the boats with the port and a problem to be able to access boats with heavy loads. This instrument is of great importance on all docks and must be properly protected.

That is why the market has proposed the best dock accessories to keep this dock in its best condition, as boats can cause quite a lot of damage if the floating dock does not have the necessary defences.

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Rent a Beneteau Flyer 12 in Ibiza

Do you want to travel around Ibiza with all the freedom that a ship on the sea can give you? If so, then you should get to know Beneteau Flyer 12; find out about the different characteristics of this elegant ship and the place where you can rent it to experience the great sensations of the sea.

Characteristics of Beneteau Flyer 12
The anchoring manoeuvre is electric, with a windlass just above the deck, which is elegantly lined with teak. In addition, the pushbuttons to operate are directly on the floor.
At the same time, its side aisle has a chest with a water intake to flush the cockpit and the deck of the boat.
The bow has a deep V, thus ensuring the entry of wave and a firm settlement.
Meanwhile, the bow deck is of the walkaround type, a corridor surrounding the cabin. Above it there is a solarium (as in the stern), flanked by handrails, with coasters and protected by perimeter candlesticks.
Its roof gives it a great aesthetic and eye-catching, which increases the sensations of speed and freedom.
Its well-studied hull is adapted to Volvo’s IPS engine (D6 diesel), which provides exemplary performance. It should be noted that it is a double engine with 370 hp, but its performance is equivalent to 500 hp engines.
Its cruising speed is 26 knots and the maximum speed is 32 knots.
It has a generator, radar, outdoor grill, DVD and TV, GPS in case there is a problem of location, satellite telf, hydraulic footbridge, ice machine, electric hard top and a docking joystick.
It has two double cabins, which are independent and have their own bathrooms, and has a convertible lounge with a double bed. Similarly, its capacity is six places to spend the night and ten places during the day.
Its length is about 13 m and its beam is from the year 2008.
Where can you get it?
With nothing more and nothing less than Barracuda Ibiza. With this company you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard the best rental boats in the great Ibiza.
It offers you a unique experience with all the comforts you deserve and with special attention to your needs.
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This is a ship that will give you the freedom you want on the waters. It is a sports cruise that will cover all the expectations you may have. You will be absolutely welcome on board!

Gas Horn for Boats

The gas horn for nautical use is of great value in terms of safety, is complemented by the use of flares as a method of alerting to any emergency or eventuality that occurs during navigation.

gas horn

Serious ship accidents are not really common, however, in small everyday incidents where help is required or make some kind of alert, elements such as the gas horn are very useful and important, especially if other mechanisms do not work.

Importance of the gas horn during navigation
The gas horn is a small, easy to acquire, economic and practical element that is of great utility and important presence among the security articles that any boat must have in case any eventuality occurs.

The climatic conditions, atmospheric and the situation in which the sea is always unstable and before any incident it is necessary to have a good arsenal of products that allow an adequate immediate response to any type of event.

The gas horns emit a noise of great intensity, which is estimated to reach even 1500m away, which is very helpful in situations where there is little visibility such as fog, heavy rains, among others or in case the flare lights fail.

Gas horns increase the likelihood that the boat will be located quickly if drifting and alert other boats to avoid possible collisions if necessary. It is also of great help in small boats such as lifeboats that are more difficult to locate.