Enjoy a good pontoon for your boat

Having a pontoon is essential for them port that receive smaller vessels because they allow the passage from the port to the vessel, in addition to allowing the transfer of heavy cargo from the vessel to the port.

They are known as floating docks whose name comes from the Philippines, because in previous centuries the country named wooden docks or docks made of cane in this way. The difference is that nowadays, they are made of different materials.

Its main purpose is to float and enter the sea to facilitate the transfer of cargo or people from the port to the boat, being of great help at all times. Having a pontoon can be very important for sailing enthusiasts.

This is because it provides the benefits of free transit and the safety of the boat because it offers the possibility of mooring these boats to the floating dock to prevent them from being affected by the constant movement of the sea.

Another feature that has been tried to change dock is the fact that they are quite narrow and long in order to provide more space to moor a larger number of boats of a small size, whose capacity is usually smaller.

Models of all types, adaptable to the need

Each port has a different design that depends on the model of dock what is necessary, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the type of boats and the size they have to define the most suitable floating dock for that port, offering a great benefit to the navigator. Do not forget to place in your dock some good defenses to protect your boat.

protect your boat


It has different shapes including a T, an L or a long walkway.

They are mostly made of polyethylene or artificial materials in order to provide greater stability when rubbing.

They usually have a great length and accessories that allow you to protect yourself from boats.

More and more technological models are being developed.

They can be of the type mooring in dry common mooring.

They are suitable for all types of occasion and use of vehicles such as jet skis, boats with a small tonnage.

A good pontoon can be the difference between a comfortable access of the boats with the port and a problem to be able to access boats with heavy loads. This instrument is of great importance on all docks and must be properly protected.

That is why the market has proposed the best dock accessories to keep this dock in its best condition, as boats can cause quite a lot of damage if the floating dock does not have the necessary defences.

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